OcuNexus Clinical Candidates and Indications

Therapeutic target and biological effect

OcuNexus has identified 3 distinct Clinical Candidates based on robust and repeatable clinical and pre-clinical data.

  • Nexagon®
  • HCB1019
  • Peptagon™

The OcuNexus therapeutic target is the Connexin43 (Cx43) protein, a key component of the Gap Junction Hemichannel that under pathological conditions is upregulated and overexpressed creating a pathological environment that perpetuates a cycle of inflammation through the activated inflammasome pathway. By inhibiting the overexpression of the Cx43 protein and depending on the drug being used, further formation of the open hemichannels is significantly limited or the hemichannel is directly closed. The biological effect is the shutting down of the cycle of inflammation otherwise perpetuated by the open pathological hemichannels. Shutting down the inflammation and inflammatory cytokine production, provides the damaged ocular tissues the opportunity to repair and regenerate in an environment of physiological homeostasis. The pathology related to the continuing cycle of inflammation includes loss of vascular integrity, vascular leakage, edema, microvascular dropout, ischemia and ultimately neovascularization and fibrosis.

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